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If you’re planning to landscape your yard but can’t fully grasp all the ideas getting into your head, using a landscape design software is your perfect solution.

These user-friendly applications are rapidly rising in popularity today. They are easy to access, and you can freely personalize the design of your space to your liking in an instant.

You can create different versions and even create a 3D model to visualise the landscape fully.

But, which one to use, you may ask? There is quite a number available out there. So we've compiled the best free landscape design software in the market. Turn your dream landscape into a reality by starting with the first step - a drawn-out plan.

Benefits With Design Software

Using landscape design software brings in a lot of advantages. More so with users who don't have any background with landscaping.

Streamlines the process of designing. You can say goodbye to hand-drawn plans.

Easy to access. You can access your design anywhere, anytime just by opening the application.

Share in an instant. You can share your creativity with, and receive feedback from, friends and family with just one click.

Save time. Gone are the days of going back and forth from revising a design. Quickly change your plan with the touch of a key.

Cost-effective. Try different materials for your design and see how they look even before purchasing. It'll save you money and the trouble of buying the wrong materials.

1. SketchUp

Specialising in 3D modelling, SketchUp offers more than landscaping design. You can create an interior design, landscape architecture, and even a video game design. Due to its wide range of drawing applications, SketchUp is only available for computer use. Their mobile app on both android and iOs products are for viewing designs.

2. Lands Design

Software built for designing gardens and green spaces in 2D and 3D. Have fun creating your dream garden with their vast plant database.

3. Garden Planner

A great landscaping tool for beginners. With a drag and drop interface, you can complete your landscape design in 10 minutes. They offer over 1,200 plant and object symbols which make designing on this software fun. You won’t realise how time speeds by with Garden Planner.

4. DreamPlan Home Design

If you've played The Sims before, you'll easily be able to navigate DreamPlan. You can create your plan with a realistic 3D model and even include your home in the design. Perfect for remodelling, this software is excellent for beginners and professionals alike.

5. The Visualizer

Designed with seven categories, you can create your landscape plan focusing on a specific area. Easy to use, the software is free to download for everyone.

6. iScape App

Build your outdoor living space with a realistic design. The iScape app lets you envision your plan by showing you how it should look before you even start the physical construction.

7. SmartDraw

If you need more than a landscape design software, SmartDraw is the right tool for you. You can create charts, visuals, and diagrams to help you with your home project.

8. Gardena MyGarden

Gardena comes with a software tool to create your garden landscape design. MyGarden lets you draw and include the irrigation system in your design.

9. RealTime Landscaping

The RealTime Landscaping comes in a full 3D model. The software is easy to navigate for both homeowners and professional designers.

10. Plan a Garden by Better Homes & Gardens

The app lets you choose a category before you land on their design page. It helps you focus on an area to show the proper symbols and materials you'll need in your design.

A Faster Process

Whether you're remodelling or starting from scratch, these landscape design software will help you create a plan faster and easier.

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