Flinders Park – Seaton
Quadro Outdoor Pavers - Oatmeal 400 x 400 Pavers

DIY Stepping Stones

DIY Stepping Stones are a unique way of creating a path through your garden or lawn and a great way to reduce worn areas & increase aesthetics
Miniwall fire pit

DIY Miniwall® Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pits can be an easy weekend project. Unwind and warm up at the end of the day, or gather with the family and toast marshmallows.
Stradapave Driveway Pavers - Charcoal 300 x 300 Pavers

How To Choose The Right Paver

What are the best pavers? Australian Paving Centre are here to help you choose the right paver for any renovation project or outdoor area.
Versawall Raised Garden Bed

Backyard Designs for a Small Area

Small backyards don't have to equal cramped spaces. Gather family and friends in your stunning garden by doing some of these backyard designs.

APC has everything you need for On a Budget in Flinders Park | Seaton

At Australian Paving Centre we have a range of products and services that are perfect for all DIY paving as well as paving on a budget. Our range of budget pavers includes a selection of our top sellers including but not limited to concrete pavers, clay pavers, driveway pavers, brick pavers, outdoor pavers, granite pavers, travertine and bluestone pavers. Our paving products also come with a large selection of colours, sizes and finishes.
Not only do we have the best quality products at the best prices, but we have an extensive range of insights, articles and information on how to tackle the project yourself. If you are wanting to find out what the best product is for your area, calculating materials, how to prepare and lay your pavers, DIY retaining walls or garden edging, we are here to help.
If you can’t find an answer to something you are looking for in our knowledge centre or are wanting extra information on paving on a budget, you can visit your local Australian Paving Centre. Otherwise get in touch with our team of friendly expert staff who are always happy to answer any of your questions.